i . 1924 - 22.VI.2003




Dzieiaslou is a new literary edition, founded by a group of writers as an alternative to such magazines as Polymia, Nioman, Maladosts, Kryni-tsa and the newspaper Litaratura and Mastatstva that have been in fact appropria-ted by the Belarusian State officials. Dzieiaslou intends to gather the most talented literary workers, giving them the possibility to openly present their works to readers without any pressure from the State.
The first Dzieiaslou issue is a peculiar anthology that depicts the state of the Belarusian literature in the recent years. Poetry section includes new poems of the State Belarusian prize-holders Nil Hilievich (Belarusian peoples poet) and Alies Razanau, the poem Palanez by Uladzimir Niakliaieu, works of the younger generation poets Lieanid Dranko-Maisiuk, Alies Pismiankou, Mikhas Skobla, the Belarusian poet from Poland Ian Chykvin. Besides, there are debut verses of the young female artist Iulia Haidukova.
Dzieiaslou comprises many examples of the contemporary Belarusian prose. There are two novels from The Wonderful Deer of Eternal Hunt, the new book by Sviatlana Aliexievich, Laureate of many literary prizes, the lyrical notes of the peoples writer Ianka Bryl Spring, Iury Stankievichs novel Letter to Milky Way Galaxy, Andrei Fiedarenkas stories Rough Papers and Letters, Mikalai Zakharankas Murder in Parkway Street, Vitsiebsk etudes by Siarhiei Rublieuski Kazimirs Square Angle and Marks Hasidic Curve. The famous writer Uladzimir Arlou appears here as an interpreter with his translation of Easter Electric Train written by the well-known Ukrainian dramaturge Aliaxandr Irvaniets.
In the section of criticism and publicist works there are Anatol Kudra-vietss essay Three in a Room (the creative portrait of Viktar Karamazau, a writer of the 60-ies generation); the discussion of Lieanid Halubovich with Alies Astashonak One Needs Gods Permission to Become Artist (vision of the present literary process in Belarus from abroad); Siarhiei Dubavietss Internet forum My People; Anatol Sidarevichs article Poet and Dictatorship (devoted to the 120th anniversary of Ianka Kupalas birthday); Angers Ruts by Faryd Zakarya (about the sources of one of the humankinds global problems, international terrorism); Liudmila Rublieuskaias White Cross above White Land (to the portrait of the contemporary Belarusian literature); Sviatlana Bierastsiens Music and Prose of Our Feasts (overview of the musical festivals, held in Belarus every year); Piatro Vasilieuskis Pat-riarchs Autumn?.. (reflection about Mikhail Savitski: a collaborator, trimmer, artist laureate or a classic of the Belarusian painting?); Ryhors Star (an essay about creative work of the young artist Ryhor Sitnitsa by Halina Bahdanava). Ward No. 6 section presents Man as Punctuation Mark by Iauhien Rahin. The edition ends with Iryna Shauliakovas overview of the newest interesting books and magazine publications.